Real-Time AntiSPY

Real-Time AntiSPY detects and removes the most sophisticated spyware apps capable of silently recording your calls, monitoring your text messages, call logs, browsing history, location, picture, bbm chats,facebook chats, whatsapp chat , we chat messages e.t.c. This is the most powerful Antispyware that can detect category “A” Spyware apps such as eBlaster, Mobi-Stealth, Flexi-SPY, Stealth Genie, Spy Bubble, Mobile Spy, Phone beagle, Cell watch and many others.

RealTime AntiSPY detects and removes even legacy apps banned from google playstore such as Secret SMS Replicator and Spy Phone PRO+ as well as apps that are hosted on other app stores and sites where they are not regulated. This is a product of years of research in mobile phone spyware detection and removal with the largest spyware database definition ever to exist and regularly updated.

Note that this is not an ANTIVIRUS, it is much more than an AntiVirus, it protects you from privacy intruders using Spy apps to monitor you and doesn’t just protect your phone. It is simply a spyware detector and spyware remover.
Our studies have shown that there is no such thing as VIRUS on android phones. You can only have spywares and adwares. Rather than invest in protection against VIRUS, invest in protection against Spyware apps. Don’t be SCAMMED!!!

Looking for TOTAL SECURITY for yourself and your device? Real-Time AntiSPY gives you rest of mind by ensuring that you are always protected from these harmful apps which cannot be detected with an AntiVirus. Real-Time AntiSPY also warns you of apps with suspicious permissions not intended for spying but dangerous due to their access to your private information.

Some anti theft apps may be detected as suspicious apps to ensure the anti theft have your consent.
Some anti theft apps may also be flagged as spyware when compromised.

Note that only a one-time payment is required for a lifetime license. This app is not subscription-based and will never expire. Just install it on your device and let it protect you against intruders that will try to invade your privacy now or in the future. If no spyware is detected after the first scan, leave the app on your device and allow it give you real-time protection against any future invasion of spyware on your device.


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Real-Time AntiSPY v1.0.11.17042014 APK / Mirror