Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro

Q Anti theft Alarm Pro is designed to prevent your mobile from theft attempts.

* SMS alerts
* Charger Unplug alert
* Automatic SIM Change Identification
* Numeric PIN Lock
* Do Not disturb feature for Incoming Calls
* Timer setting
* Custom tone selection
* Mode selection
* Rich User Interface

How does this work?
* Fix a time and ACTIVATE.
* Once the alert is set, place your phone on a solid surface.
* The alarm will be triggered if your mobile is taken.
* The alarm can be turned off only by clicking on DEACTIVATE.

* If the alarm ringer is not deactivated within 15 seconds of its activation, the alert SMS will be sent to the given emergency contact number.
* The alert SMS shall contain the Mode, IMEI no, SIM SL.no & link of your phone’s last found location,time of restart, along with the current SIM SL.No and location link.
(Location will be sent only if internet & GPS is available).

* No ads.
* Charger unplug alert:
Alarm will be triggered when the device is unplugged from the charger. It can be useful in public charging points such as trains, bus stations etc.
* SIM Change Identification:
Whenever your SIM is changed with/without your knowledge, an alert SMS will be sent to the given emergency contact number from the changed SIM in your phone without activate this app.
In case of theft, the SMS is sent from burglar’s SIM


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Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro v1.3 Apk / Mirror