This app is a voice-based navigator.


“I’m going home” is primarily intended for trekking enthusiasts, since it’s
a navigator for cross-country conditions. If you are afraid of getting lost
in the woods, in a desert or swamp, this is the app for you. If you like
fishing or taking your ATV out and exploring, this app will also be a great
asset for you.

Just set a waypoint or stick to the route you want to use for your return
(like in that tale about Hansel and Gretel) – and the app will guide you
back or to your waypoint, telling you where to turn with voice.


In the paid version to remove advertisements.

The voice navigator “I go home” – the program which will help you to return to any point (Home).
When you travel on foot in forest, desert and other district where there are no roads, there are no reference points and usual navigation programs won’t help, the voice navigator “I go home” – your choice.
Simply turn on the program when you start travel and when time will come back – turn on the program once again and listen to voice instructions.
The program will talk how to return you a starting point – “Home”.
Smartphone can be in a pocket not to lose him. The program will talk all the same.


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  • PRO Voice Navigator "IGH" Screenshot
  • PRO Voice Navigator "IGH" Screenshot