This app adds accessibility, power saving and pocket friendly features to Pokémon GO.

When playing Pokémon GO this app can:
• Keep your phone from going to sleep
• Trigger a notification when a Pokémon appears*
• Allow you to quickly toggle between Location modes* or restart the game
• Start timers to tell when a PokéStop resets or a lure expires

Additionally when pocketed it can:
• Dim the screen to the absolute maximum (completely black but still on)
• Prevent accidental key/screen presses
• Prevent your phone from locking
• Set Location accuracy to Power Saving*
• Enable your phones Power Saving Mode*
• Disable key backlights*

*Requires root access

• The accessibility service for this app must be enabled to detect when Pokémon GO is running.
• Works best with a proximity sensor but if not available will instead check for upside down orientation.
• AutoInput plugin with accessibility enabled is required to block key presses in pocket.
• Secure Settings plugin is required to keep the screen on forever. Without it you will only get the longest timeout your phone supports.
• Secure Settings with root access and System+ enabled is required in order to change Location settings. It also allows faster transitions when toggling Power Saving Mode and key backlights.
• The default trigger for spawn notifications relies on vibrate being enabled in the game and may not work on all devices. It is possible to edit the Logcat tag filter and trigger string if you find something that works better.
• Keyguard can’t be toggled if you’re using a secure lock screen.

This is an unofficial extension for Pokémon GO. No association with Niantic, The Pokémon Company or related entities should be inferred.


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Power Saver GO v1.14 / Alternative Link

Power Saver GO v1.11 / Alternative Link