This is Polar. Polar is a set of eye-catching, gradient-focused widgets, designed exclusively for KWGT, pre-programmed for Nova Launcher.

• 11 Kustom Widgets
• 12 Wallpapers
• Guaranteed updates to September of 2018, total of 30+ widgets
• Pre-programmed to work best with Nova Launcher
• Google+ community and Telegram group
• Based on Kuper dashboard

*To use these widgets, KWGT Pro is required, Nova Launcher is recommended.


Polar KWGT – May 23, 2018:
Highlight gains Reverse switch
Highlight gains CoScheme global
Highlight gains Texture option or for support.


  • Polar KWGT | Vibrant Widgets Screenshot
  • Polar KWGT | Vibrant Widgets Screenshot


Polar KWGT v23.5.18s [Patched] / Mirror / Mirror