In the “Pokémon GO”, the player as a Pokemon trainer, walking the various places, by searching, you can catch a wild Pokemon us appropriate to its location. For example, you may be able to meet the type of Pokémon not seen in the vicinity of the lake and the sea.

When Pokemon during the startup of the “Pokémon GO” appears in the vicinity of their own, smart phones will let me know and vibration.

Pokemon and can encounter when you tap the Pokemon that appear on the smartphone map, and throw to swipe the monster ball on the screen, you can catch. On the screen, Pokemon will appear on top of the actual landscape.

How To Hack ?

  1. Download and Extract the hack archive from the links below
  2. Open the hack.txt file and follow the steps

Hack Info

  • The Hack archive contains 3 Hacks + Anti Ban


Screenshot_20160719-215829 Screenshot_20160719-215922


  • (15/07/16) – Initial Release
  • (21/0716) – Search feature added
  • (24/07/16) – A lot of new features + Real time pokemon map added ( No trainer club account is needed. Enjoy)
  • (29/07/16) – Bugs Fixed + Softban remover added
  • (31/07/16) – No Root Method Added. Base Updated to v0.31.0


Pokémon Go v0.33.0 App (61 MB) / Mirror

Pokémon Go Hack v1.5 Archive  (1 MB) / Mirror

Highly Recommended (Remove Softban)

Pokemon GO Softban Remover v1.1 ! [LATEST] [UNBAN YOUR ACCOUNT]

Older Version : Need Root !

Pokémon Go v0.29.2 APK (58 MB) / Mirror

Hide Mock Location Module For Xposed (1 MB) / Mirror

Mock Location (FAKE GPS)  App For Android (2 MB) / Mirror

Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK (58.1 MB) / Mirror [Full Unlocked]

Pokemon Go v0.29.0 APK (58.1 MB) / Mirror [Full Unlocked]