Description :

Are you tired of searching for that rare pokémon that is always 3 paws away ? Well, don’t be.

PoGOTO will show overlay on top of Pokémon Go with nearby pokémon. It uses Niantic API to get location of nearby pokémon and show them on a map. This map can be overlayed on top of pokémon go without interfering with the game. Now you can hatch your poké eggs and look for rare pokémon at the same time.

Features :

  • Quick guide on how to get this app running.
  • Overlay that will show your position and nearby pokemon on a map. and will not interfere with the game.
  • Advanced tracker that will display pokémon expiration time.
  • Notifications for rare pokémon ( customizable)
  • This app will only find pokémon around your location.
  • Also, it will not make unnecessary requests to Niantic’s servers.

Instructions :

  1. Download & Install Apk
  2. Enjoy 🙂


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


PoGOTO v0.2.3 Apk | Mirror | Mirror