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– ‘Best Social / Lifestyle App, Summer 2016’ – Best Mobile App Awards
– ‘Peoples Choice – Startup of the Year AU/NZ’ – Startup Daily
Design. Plann. Visualize. Schedule.

You need to grow your Instagram account, increase your brand awareness, lift your engagement rate and make sales. You’ve seen the competition and you need to get ahead, you already feel like you’re falling behind and you don’t think you have the time. We know how to do it.

PLANN is a powerful Instagram strategy tool for previewing and scheduling your Instagram feed, proven to increase the growth of your followers, raise engagement rates and generate stronger sales.
Join thousands of professional Instagrammers already endorsing Plann as their Instagram secret weapon.
Features include:

• Visually design your feed with our seamless DRAG & DROP feature
• Expertly brand your Instagram gallery in a single glance
• Never get stuck thinking of content on the spot, Plann weeks in advance
• Save time by drafting captions and scheduling Instagram posts ahead of time
• Push notifications let you safely post without compromising your account
• Manage and save sets of hashtags for posting at crucial times
• Zoom in on images for more detail
• Video support up to 60″
• No monthly limits – Plann holds 120 images at a time and allows unlimited posts

Plann ahead if you’re a:
– Business of any size
– Entrepreneur
– Creative
– Influencer or popular Instagrammer
– Looking to monetize your account
– Passionately proud of how your instagram account looks
Having a consistent and eye catching IG feed is the difference between you and your online competition.
Make it easier to be appealing to new followers, remember, you only have a split second to make an impression.

Preview your Instagram feed before you post, have the ultimate control.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a guide that tells you how to curate your feed when you can get immediate results right now? Plann, the best new Android Instagram scheduling app, instantly shows how your images and colour schemes fit together while easily creating a gorgeous, cohesive and branded feed.

Stay tuned for our next features:
*Control Multiple Feeds
*See your already posted IG feed

Beautifully simple, Plann seamlessly helps you design a cohesive instagram gallery with an easy to use drag and drop feature, allowing you complete control to brand your Instagram profile.
Meet your new Social Media Manager

Plann, our two-time award winning scheduling app, was created by an advertising expert and artist with an incredible passion for the Instagram community. We’ve build something beautiful that helps simplify your content management and align to your content plan, and gives you your time back; the only thing now is to pour a coffee, sit back and enjoy planning & scheduling your beautiful new feed.

Please note: Instagram doesn’t allow automatic posting, in fact if you are caught doing anything automated IG will close your account. (eeeep!) It would cause us nothing but sleepless nights so there is NO way we are going to compromise your hard work by allowing this. Push notifications (for now), is the way to go.

With Plann, there are no subscriptions, no ongoing monthly fees and no hidden in-app purchases.
– use our award winning app at a one off price.

For less than it costs to run a loop giveaway.
Cheaper than an e-guide telling you how important the visual appeal of your Instagram feed is.
Less than the meal going cold you’re trying to Instagram.

Download Plann: Scheduler for Instagram now.

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Email: support@plannthat.com
Twitter: @plannthat


* Curious who’s amazing feed is featured in our screenshots?
Check out the amazing Rosie from @rclayton

What’s New

  • Performance updates for smoother Plann’ing.
  • Thanks to everyone letting us know what would help you be more productive. If you have any ideas please make sure to shake your device when you’re inside the app, we love your feedback!
  • Happy Plann’ing!
  • Christy


  • Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram Screenshot
  • Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram Screenshot
  • Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram Screenshot
  • Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram Screenshot
  • Plann: Preview, Analytics + Schedule for Instagram Screenshot