Pandora Patcher has the ability to remove advertisements, skip limit restrictions, listening timeouts, and bypass the United States/Australia/New Zealand-only restriction in the Pandora application. Also adds extra features such as AVRCP for devices with non-working AVRCP, Tablet UI, the ability to download currently playing song. Now supports streaming and downloading 128kbps MP3s! (set audio quality to high). Works with Google Play and Amazon editions of Pandora. Also works with Amazon Fire TV and Google TV Pandora (untested).

v7.1 Beta 2
• Updated for Pandora 7.1
• Fixed widget theming, now themes expanded widget too
• Pandora for Business splash screen, cosmetic only
• New directory picker, should allow selecting external SD cards


  • Android v4.0.3+
  • Xposed Framework 2.6.1+
  • ROOT

How to Patch ?

  1. Download and install the APK provided below
  2. Open Pandora Patcher
  3. Set all your desired settings
  4. Enable in Xposed Installer
  5. Reboot

NOTE: Recommended to delete Pandora Patcher app data and cache if updating from versions earlier than 3.7.0!


To update region bypass to the new working bypass, disable the bypass to remove old hosts entries and enable bypass to add new entries.
For transparent widget, set color to black and move the alpha slider all the way to the right.



Download Link

Pandora Patcher v7.1B2.apk / Mirror / Mirror

Pandora v7.1 (REQUIRED FOR THIS RELEASE!) / Mirror / Mirror

Older Version

Pandora Patcher v6.2 APK / Alternative Link

Pandora v6.2 (REQUIRED FOR THIS RELEASE!) / Alternative Link