Package Disabler for Samsung lets you disable all blootware on your device to improve performance by 15% and reduce battery usage with no root required. All of your unwanted applications that come pre-installed on your phone can now be disabled and removed with ease.

-Easy to navigate, modern and very user friendly.
-List of more than 5000 blootware app’s.
-Simple filter of an App’s name or with the package name.
-Ability to see the RAM, CPU, storage usage and much more.
-Ability to uninstall the app.
-Speed up your device with one click “Disable all blootware”*.
-List of enabled, and disabled apps on the device.
-Disable Gear VR service (Use your VR headset with Cardboard apps and games.)
Before use make sure that your information is backed up.
-All SDK’s used are originally from Samsung, so there is no 3rd party SDK’s that can affect your privacy.
-Ocean66 guarantees that all of your information will be safe.
-Make sure to enable all packages before you update your software.

– This application uses Device Administrator permissions so be able to disable all of your blootware and useless packages. If you encounter any issues with uninstalling follow these simple steps below:
1. Go to your Settings.
2. Security.
3. Deactivate Device Administrator permissions.
4. Try uninstalling it properly again.

-Package Disabler for Samsung is a powerful app that lets you modify the critical parts of your Android system, so double check and research what package you’re about to uninstall.
Ocean66 is not responsible in any malfunctions or loss of data caused by disabling critical system packages.
To be eligible for a refund you must have the application for less than three days. In some cases, Ocean66 might ask for an invoice for proof.

What’s New

  • Bugs fixed
  • More expanded options


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