News by Notifications (Newtification) the perfect app for you to keep up to date of everything that is happening in your country and in the world!

The news are sent to your mobile phone immediately after being posted on one of the (more than 40,000) online newspaper that we monitor the world over.

• NEWS BY INTEREST: The news are sent based on your interests, you choose the countries and the categories that you prefer.

• GLOBAL SEARCH: You can search the news worldwide!

• MAIN COUNTRIES: We seek news on more than 40,000 online newspaper from 70 different countries;

• REAL-TIME: You will have the information in real time, we also looked at local sites in cities that generally post the news before the big sites, so the information will always arrive earlier to you;

• NOTIFICATIONS: You will receive a notification when we find news that matches your defined preferences;

• SHARING: Share the news via social networks and communication applications;

• CATEGORIES: There are 8 available for each country:
Business : News about companies, dollar, banks, job vacancies, contests, …
Entertainment : Travel, fun, novels, reality shows, …
Highlights : Top News, the most read and viewed;
Health : Foods, Diets, Drugs, Diseases, …
Country : Politics, government, prefectures, taxes, …
Sports : Update on sports and championship/tournaments;
Science / Technology : Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, operating systems, networks, apps, …
World : News from the world;


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News by Notifications PRO  v2.3.1 b38 / Mirror