My Logs
Additional features in pro version :

– App Widget
– Password Access
– Quick log entry and Timed log entry
– Log Stop Time
– Tags (Create relations between log entries with tags)
– Forms (build custom log entry forms)
– Age (time since entry was logged)
– Duration (time spent on log entry)
– Category Data (time ago, duration, plot form data)
– Improved calendar view
– Choose columns to export
– Import log entries from CSV file
– Category colors

Highlights :
* No Internet Permissions, your private data is safe with you.Beware of other log apps that can access your log entries without your knowledge.

* Password Access: Set a password to protect access to your logentries

* Categorized Log Entries. Comes with predefined categories toget you going. If you do not see a category that you need, you can rename existing categories, create new ones, or delete those you don’t want to see.

* Quick log entry – one click to add a log entry

* Timed log entry to monitor real time duration. Time tasks or activities

* Stop Time: Add a stop time to a log and keep track of timespent (duration)

* Tags: Create relationships between log entries with tags(Business, Personal, …)

* Templates: pre-define log details with text when adding a newlog entry

* Forms: takes templates to the next level. Build custom formsfor quicker and easier log entry. Create plots  of numeric data.

* Attach files, photos, or recordings to log entry

* Recognizes Web, Phone, and Email text in log description creating clickable links

* View log entries in a List view

* View log entries from calendar view. Select a day and the logentries will be listed below the calendar.

* Age: time since entry was logged

* Category Stats: Time Ago (Age)

* Category Stats Duration (time spent) – including pie chart andpercentage (%)

* Swipe left/right to switch between List/Calendar view

* When in Calendar view, swipe up/down to change month

* Rate logs for additional significance

* Highly configurable. Create new log categories as well as rename existing

* Filter log entries by category, tags, date, and rating

* Search logs for specified text. Highlight search text in log description

* Use Calendar view to set date filter by long pressing on adate

* Save logs as csv or html file with option to email

* Preference to treat “,” as delimiter in log description when exporting as . csv file. Use commas in the log  description to create separate cells in a spread sheet. Good for recording and plotting data entered in the  log description.

* Backup and restore database (NOTE: It is highly recommendedthat you regularly backup your logs and  save to a different storagemedia)

* Automatic backup of database to SD card

* Uses the phones system time (12 or 24 hr) and date format to ensure consistent time and date format between apps.(Note: You can override the system date and time settings from MyLogs preference settings)

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