Music Via Bluetooth Pro

Music Via Bluetooth Pro : This is one of a kind bluetooth app that help you to listen music via Bluetooth headset. It uses a feature to listen audio through Bluetooth. It is very convenient to listen music quietly at work or home or during travel.

Before install full version of this app. Please download this test version of app and make sure that works on your phone. The test version “Test Music Via Bluetooth” app is free download to test whether this work with your Android device.


– Turn on Bluetooth head set.
– Launch this “Test Music Via Bluetooth app”.
– Make sure the volume control on this app bottom slide bar to full level.
– Click “Turn on the Bluetooth Mode” button if that is not enabled.
– Notification/status bar will show the Bluetooth streaming is started to indicate whether it is running.
– By clicking on notification icon of this app, you can relaunch this app without disturbing on your currently listening music.
– Use the “Test sound” button to check the Bluetooth mono streaming works via this app. – This will play test short audio.
– Once it works you can be able to listen songs, watch video, pay games and most of the audio sources


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Music Via Bluetooth Pro v3.1 [paid+patched] / Mirror