You are one of the last surviving security bots, defending the Mothership!…Complete destruction seems inevitable…or is it?

Fly and shoot the invaders to prevent the Mothership! from taking damage.

Watch out! There is a twist — You must switch lanes by swiping the screen to successfully destroy the invaders in both lanes.

Features(out of the box):

– Space Ship Defense
– Side-Scroller
– Two Lanes
– 4 Powerful Weapons
– 3 Areas to Defend
– 4 Awesome Dubstep Tracks
– Randomly Generated Enemies will make each play through unique and challenging

Features(work in progress)

– Facebook integration and score boards
– More weapons — including an invulnerability shield that allows you to use the robot as a weapon
– More music
– Multiplayer
– GamePad Support


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Mothership! v1.0 / Alternative Link