Manages your WiFi HotSpot and Mobile Data the way you need it! Sharing your wifi hotspot with friends? Now, you can decide how much time you would like them to use it for.

App is completely FREE!

>>>> Features <<<<

+ Manages your Mobile Data, Wifi HotSpot
+ Share your Mobile Data with your other devices & Friends – Phones, Tablets, PCs, Smart TV. A single place from where you can enable, disbale both mobile data and wifi hotspot.
+ Switch ON/OFF WiFi Hotspot/ tethering connection
+ Easily change wireless wifi hotspot Network Name, Security type – WPS_PSK, WPS_WEP, OPEN, Password . You can keep the wireless wifi open without password, however it is recommended to keep a password for better security. You can use the new settings on other devices (phones, tablets, pc, laptops, smart tv etc) for connecting.
+ Advanced settings for managing wifi hotspot/ tethering connection like for saving battery, so that the hotspot is switched off when the battery level becomes low. Similarly wireless wifi hotspot is switched off after a certain time etc.
+ Switch ON/OFF Mobile / cellular Data from the same screen as wireless Wifi HotSpot. This way you can manage both from the same screen. Note that this feature won’t work in Lollipop devices due to technical limitations.
+ Advanced Mobile Data settings like Keep mobile data always ON or OFF, Switch Off Mobile Data when the battery is running low, Switch off mobile data after a certain time duration etc.
+ Shows the Mobile / cellular Data sent and received bytes. This can help you in deciding whether to continue to use or share your mobile data and keep your data usage low.
+ Intuitive & Modern UI


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