Messages for iPhone 7

Messages for iPhone 7

iMessenger has full functions such as messaging applications of the system, in addition, Messages for Phone 7 also offers many additional functions such as sending messages with emoticon, MMS…

Throw confetti all over their screens
Screen Effects are messages that take over the entire screen with an animation and sound. For instance, if you’re congratulating someone, you can make confetti rain all over their screen. Just write a message, then use Force Touch or long-press on the send button until the Bubble Effect screen is activated. Then, tap on the Screen button at the top of the screen.

Sticker packs and apps
In an imessenger conversation, tap on the “>” button, then the Store icon. The first view will be recently used stickers, with a swipe to the left scrolling through installed sticker packs and apps. imessenger includes an images and an Music app by default. You can send a sticker in a standalone message, or (my favorite use) is to drag-and-drop a sticker over a photo or text box of a previously sent message. Doing so adds a bit of life to a photo, or can be used as a response to a message.

Words become emojis
After composing a message, tap on the emoji button on your keyboard. Your Android device will analyze the text, highlighting words with matching emoji. Tap on the highlighted word to convert the word into an emoji, either instantly or picking from a few different options. Fun stuff, right?

Link previews in Messages
When you send links, they’ll (almost) instantly be replaced with thumbnail previews. If it’s a video from YouTube, for example, you can play the video directly in the conversation. There’s even a mute button, should you want to watch the video but not hear it.

Drawing directly in Messages
Here you can write or draw with your finger. However, writing “thank you” or “I love you” in your own handwriting will undoubtedly earn bonus points with your SO. Messages will save your notes, so you can reuse that shrug emoticon you’ve spent countless hours perfecting.

Camera shortcuts
To send a photo, tap on the “>” button next to the text field, then tap on the camera icon. You will have a preview thumbnail of your camera, allowing you to snap a photo and send it with relative ease. Or you can scroll to the left to view recent photos and videos from your camera roll, tap on one to add it to your message.

Here’s how to send stickers :
Tap on the button that has the Store logo, and you can see everything you’ve downloaded by swiping through the navigation panel.

Messages for iPhone 7 version includes :
– Background setting
– Blur setting
– Font size
– No ads
– Full 10 premium themes
+ Noel theme
+ Black theme
+ Cafe theme
+ Leaves theme
+ Paper theme
+ Window theme
and more…more messenger themes !


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Messages for iPhone 7 (Pro) v4. / Mirror