Lyrics Mania is now available on Android, with the biggest lyrics database on the market! Millions of lyrics for you!

With Lyrics Mania you can have in your pocket millions of lyrics, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Search for lyrics to millions of songs
You can search for an artist or a song in the world’s largest lyrics database.

Listen to music
With the integrated music player, you can listen to your music and get lyrics in real time while you’re enjoying your favorite songs.
Are you listening to a song with an external player (Google Play Music, Spotify, etc…) and you wish to read the lyrics? With Lyrics Mania it’s done: you get a real-time notification that directly brings you to the lyrics of the song you’re listening to, even in streaming!

Identify the song playing near you
With MusicID you can identify and get the lyrics of the song is playing near you in a second

Spotify support: be sure that in Spotify settings, the “Device Broadcast Status” option is turned on

What’s New
We update the app to give you the best possible experience.

  • Full integration with Amazon Music
  • Bug fix and improvements

Google account sign-in workaround:
– First install the untouched version, launch, sign-in, uninstall.
– Then install the modded version, launch, sign-in.


  • Lyrics Mania - Music Player Screenshot
  • Lyrics Mania - Music Player Screenshot


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