KidKicker is for parents who would like to limit their kids time on smart devices and use saved time towards other child’s development activities.
Just enter following information and enable the app before handing the device to your kids:
1.Time after which you would like the device to lock.
2.Interval in which it should continue locking.
The device will lock by itself at the specified time and will continue locking thereafter as per the specified interval.
Our app requires no internet connection (after installation), no registrations, no email. Enjoy your family time!!
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Features (to name a few):
Intuitive and easy to use.
Lock the phone after a desired time and repeat locking pattern at the intervals you wish.
Have full control of the device and restrict kids from prolonged usage.
Incoming calls, alerts, reminders, messages etc. will still flow in without any disruptions.
Device on which this app is intended to run should have screen locking enabled (either PIN or Pattern or both), otherwise this app will not work.
Uninstall instructions:
Since this app has “Device Admin” access, before you uninstall, you will have to uncheck TakeItBack from “Device Admin” to deactivate the administrator control (Settings->Security->Device administrators, could be different for different devices, check device manual for more information). After unchecking and accepting the deactivate prompt, you can uninstall the KidKicker from Settings.
Logo Credit goes to JON BROOKS


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