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Kernel Adiutor Donate (ROOT)

It’s an application which manages your kernel parameters. With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitor things like:

CPU (Frequency, Governor)
CPU Voltage
CPU Hotplug
GPU (Frequency, Governor)
Screen (Color Calibration [RGB], Gamma)
Wake controls (DT2W, S2W)
Sound (Faux Sound)
Battery (Fast Charge)
I/O Scheduler
Kernel Samepage Merging
Low Memory Killer (Minfree settings)
Virtual Memory (ZRAM)
Build prop Editor
Recovery (Flash, Wipe)
Init.d editor
Saving Profiles
Tasker support
and a lot more…

√MSM Limiter Support
√MSM Limiter – Per Core control or Single Value Control
√Third Party Sound: Combined or individual Left/Right controls for headphones
√Hotplugs: Moved all the enable/disable toggles to the top of the list
√Hotplugs: Disable other hotplugs when one is enabled (to prevent duplicates)
√Added Support for C State toggles
√Support for more WakeLock Controls
√Automatic High Brightness mode with a configurable lux value
√High Brightness Mode intents
√Early support for applying saved profiles based on Foreground App (make sure to set at least one profile as default, it’s in the D’s of the app list. And enable the Per-App Accessibility service
√Downloads: Fixed automatic download/reboot/flash/reboot feature (if there is a supported kernel)
√Screen: Add Color profiles for our device
√SeLinux mode Toggle
√ADB over Wifi toggle
√Support for disabling logd (logcat, for those people who want to disable it for whatever reason)
√Support for completely disabling BCL via the stock interface
√Support for disabling BCL hotplugging (for kernels that include this)
√Modified the Virtual Memory to provide cards with info/sliders instead of basic text entry
√Display PVS/Speed bin values in Kernel information (if they’re exposed in the kernel)
√Misc other tweaks and support

– Optimized graphics / Zipalign.
– Languages: English, Russian.
– Google code removed. (2.7 MB)


  • [ROOT] Kernel Adiutor Donate Screenshot
  • [ROOT] Kernel Adiutor Donate Screenshot

Download Links: DONATE features Unlocked

Kernel Adiutor Donate (ROOT) v0.9.10.6 [Mod Lite] APK / Mirror

Kernel Adiutor Donate (ROOT) v0.9.9.1 [Mod Lite] APK / Mirror