Junk Memory Cleaner(Ad-free)

Junk Memory Cleaner (Ad-free)

Junk Sweeper and Uninstaller takes the headache away from cleaning up your old, sluggish phone to fast performance! One press of the Turbocharge button and the app will automatically sweep and clean any old junk, useless services, and free vital RAM and cache files. Or, manually memory optimizer your phone using the cleaning services provided. Memory booster ram optimizer searches through all your file and sorts file by name and size.

Junk Sweeper and Uninstaller allow you to:
‌•Instantly accelerate your phone’s performance with one press.
‌•Free up clogging RAM that is slowing your phone down by choosing what apps and services to close
‌•Clean junk and remove old files by clearing cache files, and old APKs
‌•Uninstall and remove unused apps and services to free up space
‌•Check your phone system’s information including CPU usage
‌•Choose custom settings to extend battery life

Apps such as Poke radar maps, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc may be storing useless files on your phone. We recommend you sweep, clear, and remove old cache files and free up RAM memory to accelerate your phone speed. Memory booster ram optimizer can find large files from these popular apps and clear old updates that pile up. Automatically setup your phone to turn off GPS, Wifi, or turn down brightness to extend battery life.
Junk Sweeper and memory booster ram optimizer is your one stop shop!


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