#HERMIT MODE = Block all kinds of notifications from the extrovert world without even turning off the Internet, Facebook, whatsapp, hike you name it we block it. thats sweet to the ears isn’t it, Time to read a new favorite book or time to go on a long walk or become one with the mountains. (closes eyes and smiles)
#QUOTES = Fall in love with the words, feel the feelings that the writers and the poets felt while writing these life containing sentences, Teenage love, First heartbreak, nature, madness, love, art, books, romance, humour, and all time favorite sarcasm. and trust me the best feeling comes when you can relate yourself to the words written by a unknown person who you have never met, but he felt exactly what you feel and he caged those emotions in the words.
#SUGGEST FEATURE/IDEAS = Have an idea or a feature you want, feel free to send a advice through the app, we are eagerly waiting for you response but remember only text no calling (Giggles)
As you may have notices the app is priced very low, While developing an App you Incurr expenses so the app is paid just to cover the expenses so that we can further develop the app, add new features, help you avoid more people (laughs)
For any donations or book recommendations feel free to contact us.


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