Befor you purchase check your device support via IMEI Support Checker app !
Want to change or repair your imei ? well this app will do that without BOX !!!
this app can change your imei without BOX but it need some requirments
the requirments :
1- full root access
2- busybox required on many devices
and no thing else !
why you change your imei ?
if you flash a new rom usualy you will lose your imei and then get blocked by your network !
also you can unblock your device from some app and service provoider
the app features :
1- Change the imei on supported devices
2- Create IMEI Backup
3- Restore from backup
4- Change imei permission (advanced option)
5- Change IMEI for sim 2 (Beta but alpha on samsung supported devices)
6- Change IMEI for MTK (Beta)
befor you install/use this app you must know that we don’t have any risk about any problems/break or any thing another maybe happen to your device by this app use it at your own risk
we must determine that changing the IMEI is illegal in some countries but not in all.
For more information please visit our website or Email us on
What’s New
1- Fix problem when Changing the imei for Second sim on samsung devices
2- Bug fixes
3- fix some code problems and layout design


The app was not found in the store. 🙁