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With ImageMeter, you can annotate your photos with length measurements, angles, areas, and text notes. That is much easier and self-explaining than drawing only a sketch. Take photos in buildings to plan construction work and insert the required measurements and notes directly into the picture. Organize and export the images directly on your phone or tablet.
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ImageMeter is a great virtual ruler that allows users to move the camera from specific angles to measure anything and get accurate information about various objects.


ImageMeter covers many measurement tools and is the ultimate tool for anyone to directly measure objects, no matter where they are. It uses next-gen AI to take measurements and make a big difference in real time, giving users accurate metrics. Depending on each user’s practical ability, it can measure all kinds of objects and even perform multiple calculations on specific ones in the environment.

Best virtual tools for a wide range of applications

ImageMeter uses next generation AI and connects to your camera to give you the ultimate measurement tool to measure your surroundings. Its compatibility is wide and can be made into any shape or function without the user’s knowledge. Additionally, the extensive customization that comes with the system opens up new possibilities for people to use it for efficient measurements in their manufacturing and interior design jobs.

ImageMeter apk

Different measurement modes for specific situations

In addition to the new-generation AI, users can use different measurement modes to search for specific objects on multiple display units. Depending on your preference and style of using units of measure, users can make a big difference or get information in a more agile way. Measurement processing is also done carefully, and depending on the camera angle, the measurement value will be displayed earlier than usual.

Create the most stunning and accurate drawings of your environment

The best part of ImageMeter is that all the data collected in each archive can be used to create relevant drawings of the user’s environment. All metrics are based on 3D environments or professional drawings and come with different user views. Additionally, all data is highly linked, promising additional content that can be added later by the user or the system.

ImageMeter pro

Connet to bluetooth laser advanced

Users who frequently work with this application are trusted builders who have important information about their individual site measurements. You can also connect to the laser tool via Bluetooth, and a direct connection will sync all your data directly for a solid plan.The laser tool offers cutting-edge technology to the user when performing complex measurements. Thanks to , it also gives the most effective results.

Add detailed notes or audio to specific points

While reviewing the results, ImageMeter adds the ability for users to add important and accurate notes directly. A note can be an important number and has no capacity limit. Voice memos are also included if you want to quickly jot down details on the fly. That’s not all. More enhancements give users many new ways to mark the most important notes for each item.

ImageMeter mod

Read the PDF file to get correct measurements

If the user uses PDF files frequently and does not have complete statistics, the application automatically provides all compatibility metrics. All you have to do is enter some draw ratios compared to the actual environment. The system automatically calculates and provides the most accurate number for each unit of measure. Compatibility with PDF files also makes a big difference, and you can even interact with other important files associated with your drawings.

ImageMeter is the first choice when users always want to collect accurate figures on coefficients related to objects in the environment. It also comes with a wide range of external tools to help users create the most accurate drawings possible. to provide accurate results to humans.

Key features

A superior virtual measurement tool developed with additional support from the AI ​​within the system to get precise information about a specific object or environment.

Multiple measurement modes to satisfy the user’s interaction with different objects or to suit personal preferences of units of measurement.

Create realistic 2D drawings of your room or environment using archival information gathered from various measurements.

Connect to your laser tool and sync your data in real time to capture all the information with detail or accuracy that cameras can’t handle.

Reads PDFs or other drawing files with great accuracy, fills in specified ratios, and displays all measurements in different metric units.

Mod Info:
● Business License Activated
● Compression Flags Untouched
● No Third Party Patch
● No Additional Component
● Size: ~ 19 MB


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  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
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  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
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  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot
  • ImageMeter Pro Screenshot


ImageMeter Pro – photo measure v3.8.8 [Business] / Mirror

ImageMeter – photo measure v3.6.6 APK [Business] / Mirror

ImageMeter Pro – photo measure v3.6.2 [Business] / Mirror

What's new

Bluetooth laser measurements are now copied to the clipboard so that you can insert them in other apps, like in your notes or a spreadsheet.



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