Hibernate My Apps

Hibernate My Apps Disables Power Consuming Apps in Background. It completely stops the background execution of apps when the phone’s screen is turned OFF. The Apps won’t execute in background when your phone is in standby mode

Hibernate My Apps auto detects the power consuming apps. You can choose which app to hibernate & which to not. Then just enable the Hibernation Lock and leave; our algorithms will take care the rest. Hibernating Settings like WIFI, Data Connection, Bluetooth and Sync makes this app even more useful & handy. Its just like when you turn OFF your device’s screen the WIFI automatically shuts OFF and when you turn on the screen the WiFi automatically turns ON and start connecting to the available WIFI network. The same case happens with the Data Connection as well. So you don’t need to manually ON/OFF these settings, because this can be done automatically using this app.

You can limit your device’s CPU frequency when the screen is turned OFF. This feature works with rooted android device. Many times it happens that when your device is Idle with the screen tuned OFF, the CPU still computes heavy tasks & device becomes hot. So to cool the CPU you also need to hibernate the CPU. It lowers the CPU frequency.

Remember: All these Hibernation techniques works only when the screen is turned OFF, When you turn ON the Screen all of these are out of hibernation to make your device run in full speed.


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Hibernate My Apps v1.2 Apk / Mirror