Amazing coloring games, This Guess the color game will confuse you and possibly make you rage. Kind of Mind games. This is possibly the best brain games / IQ test games you will ever see.

Can you Guess the color ?

Try this games and check how many correct answers you can give. This is an amazing coloring games and would probably make you addictive to this game. Make sure you don’t get too much addicted this game and just play in your leisure time. See how fast your brain works to help choose the correct color . The name of the game is “Guess The Color ASAP”, But this game is usually Mind games / Brain games. Since this game is related to color, we think that name will suit the most.


Great way to pass your leisure time

The game is totally free, no registrations or any other complicated rules. Just install and play.

Easy to play

The game is designed in such a way which makes users easy to play the game.

How to play this coloring games

•Launch “Guess The Color ASAP”, A tutorial will start and will show you how to play this game.


Q: Is this coloring games free ?
A: This game is totally free to download and use and can be distributed freely.

Q: Does Guess The Color contain ADS ?
A: Yes, but the ads are placed at the bottom and won’t bother you at all, moreover our ads do not contain any adult/offensive material.

Q: Do i need to register / Login ?
A: NO. just install and play.

Q: Is there any tutorial included with the game ?
A: Yes. A tutorial will show up when you first time open the game and you can check tutorial later on as well.

Q: How much time is given to choose the color ?
A: 1.4 seconds.


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