layer them

Grounge is a theme with multicolor selection, you will find your best configuration that will make your phone as you always wondered.
Grounge themes a lot of apps and give them that precise and perfect style you will surely appreciate.
This is the list of some themed apps:

If u are on a previous version or on another theme you have to do:
1. apply the generals and styles layers you want (lollipop or marshmallow (the ones without [lollipop] at the end), if u install both you’ll encounter bootloop)
2. after you applied you have to SOFT reboot through the layers app
3. after SOFT rebooted you will see that some apps may have strange colors, without reapplying anything you have to perform a FULL reboot
4. after that you should enjoy the theme.
NB: if you choose to apply a different style you just have to perform a SOFT reboot to apply it.
Please follow the guide, if not you may encounter bootloops, color mismatching, force closes or world apocalipse, this is due to the method of applying the layers through the layer app.
Thank you, enjoy the theme.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Grounge – Layers Theme v5.2 / Alternative Link