This app allows you to import GPX and NMEA files generated from other sources. You can then
* Display tracks on a map
* Import from Google Drive or import a local file
* Show various graphs about the track
* Elevation over time, elevation over distance, speed over distance, speed over time, distance over time.
* Show various stats about the track
* Elevation, speed, time and distance stats
* Waypoints will appear on graphs if they have enough metadata (elevation)

I created this as I wanted a ‘portable’ version of the app to view my progress after a day of trekking.

Serves as a companion app to GPSLogger for Android.
Inspired by the excellent UTrack and online tools.
Does not actually require write access, it is forced by Google Maps.


  • GPS Mapper & Report Generator Screenshot
  • GPS Mapper & Report Generator Screenshot

Download Links

  GPS Mapper & Report Generator v11 APK / Alternative Link