GPS Location Tracker Pro

GPS Location Tracker allows you to track geografical location of selected people at any time.
– Track your boyfriend/girlfriend
– Track your kids
– Track elderly people in your family
– Track your friends
– Track your company car drivers

How does it work?
1. Every once in a while GPS Location Tracker collects your current location from your phone. This means that Location service should be properly configured in your Android.
2. Location is then sent to our server, meaning that you need to have internet (both Wi-Fi and mobile data will do).
3. When your contact opens their GPS Location Tracker, they will get your latest location from server.
4. Location sharing works both directions – you track your friends and they track you.

Note: Your location will be securely kept on GPS Location Tracker server for some period of time and eventually deleted. We do not expose nor do we sell any user data to third parties.

* Added a possibility to set a picture for a contact
* Added Android M support
* Fixed crashes caused by animations


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GPS Location Tracker Pro v2.2.0b Apk / Mirror