GoBot v1.3.0 Pokemon Go Bot

– Autowalk ( through predefined routes or random walking arround point you set on map )
– Catching pokemons ( You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value )
– Looting pokestops
– Transfering pokemons ( You choose whats max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind )
– Evolving pokemons ( You choose min CP to evolve )
– Hatch eggs
– 4 speed options ( Slow, Medium, High, Super fast )
– Clean potions and revives ( to make space for pokeballs )


How to use:
1. Visit settings page and set ur bot up.
2. Go Back to main screen, press start button.
3. Watch your bot on map or go in background mode

Known issues:
1. When looting pokestop result award is 0, bot tend to stop ( I’m working on this)
2. When in background a while, Unknown error appears

Credit By Vedadzornic


http-%2F%2Fi.epvpimg.com%2F7HJ3b http-%2F%2Fi.epvpimg.com%2F9C4vg


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