Ghost Screen Fix

Ghost Screen Fix

The Ghost Screen is the result of the warming up of the LCD panels of devices. This bug causes the icons of the applications or some parts of the application to remain visible on the screen.

We present a software solution to this bug which devices using LCD Panel. This application creates a light filter in front of the screen to make the remaining marks disappear. it’s very easy to use now download this application and activate ghost screen app by ghost screen profile which coming by default. The Ghost Screen will not appear as long as the application is active after the screen of your device once reaches normal temperature values.

Our application is not the definitive solution. But it’s going to fix a big part of this problem.

We offer you settings that can be customized for you in case it does not work the default settings on some devices. So you can create and use a profile yourself.

Oval Corner :
By using our application, you can also find oval corner features found on G6, S8 and V30 devices. We currently offer this feature in beta.

Application Features :
– Ghost Screen Profile
– Oval Corners
– Set the app’s working hours
– Pause in secure apps


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Ghost Screen Fix v1.0.5 (beta) (Paid) / Mirror