Gallery for Reddit is an unofficial reddit app for a fast and easy way to 1000+ image & picture related subreddits. It brings the best image viewing experience to Android!!!

✔ Clean design for fast & easy browsing experience
✔ Swipe between images
✔ Double-tap/pinch zoom
✔ Animated GIF support
✔ High quality mode
✔ Immersive mode for Kitkat+
✔ Slideshow
✔ Share (link & image)
✔ Save images (/Pictures/gallery for reddit)
✔ Set as wallpaper
✔ Type in a subreddit for casual browsing (“Add to favorites” to save)
✔ Open in browser/reddit app
✔ Random subreddit
✔ Imgur album/gallery support
✔ Imgur gifv support
✔ gifycat support

✔ In-app purchase to remove ads

What’s New
– hotfix



  • Gallery for reddit Screenshot
  • Gallery for reddit Screenshot

Download Links : Paid features Unlocked

Gallery for Reddit v2.0.0 [Ad Free] APK (2 MB) / Alternative Link