Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot

Take awesome, whole page screenshots of web pages from your Android device using Screenshot One. This great app makes full-length screenshots of webpages much larger than your screen resolution. It’s easy, no-nonsense, straightforward, and does not contain any advertisements! Length and width of the snapshot are fully customizable. Save the website capture in PNG, GIF or JPG (JPEG) file formats. You can add a PNG or GIF watermark from anywhere on the web, and give your snap a custom file name.

★ Features ★
✔ Capture gigantic screenshots – Larger than your Android device, up to 99,999 pixels long and up to 9,999 pixels wide!
✔ Save your screen captures in three different file formats – PNG, GIF or JPEG, straight from your phone.
✔ Choose from a wide range of phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop pc resolution presets – They accurately reflect different types of devices.
✔ Easely add a watermark of your choice – Both GIF and PNG are supported.
✔ Screenshot One Web is a super tiny app: just a bit of memory and storage is enough to install the app!
✔ No root access required to use Screenshot One.
✔ Finished screenshots are added to your private picture gallery.
✔ Easy to use and understand

★ Example use cases ★
– To save a visual snapshot of a website for future reference: see how a site looked at a specific point in time
– As a base for a graphic design work in which you capture the awesome lay-out of your website.
– Screenshots of a product page in an online shop

★ How to use Screenshot One ★
1 – Paste or type the URL of a website you want to take a snapshot of.
2 – Choose a custom resolution or select one of the presets to define the resolution of the snapshot.
3 – If you want: select a file type and name your snapshot. Also: Paste or type the URL to a watermark on the web.
4 – The web capture is now saved to your picture gallery. Screenshot One can now open the app of your choice to share or edit the image.

What’s New
Bugfix and ad removal :)


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Full Page Screenshot v2.0 Patched Apk / Mirror