Free MP3 Music Player is a powerful third-party music player client, powered by SoundCloud® API and Jamendo Music API.

Your best music client and player for finding and listening trending music.
With millions of tracks on Free MP3 Music Player, the right music is always at your fingertips.

Looking for a more relaxing listening and discovery experience?

With Free MP3 Music Player, you have access to a world of music.

★ Great music discovery is effortless and free
★ Daily Top Charts, Top 50, New & Hot
★ Powerful keyword search for tracks, albums and playlists
★ Recommended albums and playlists
★ Try Music tags with one tap to access hit songs

Key Features:
* Mass music library, cloud music player
* Popular Music, Hip hop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, folk, R&B, and more
* Discover pop stars, emerging artists and underground singers across the globe
* Access artist photos, album release dates, publisher information, playlists, comments, Favorites
* New software interface, more perfect operation experience
* Easily create and manage your favorite music, albums and playlists
Other Great Features:
• Create your local playlists and play in background
• Easily re-order your playlists with a simple drag and drop
• Shuffle and repeat songs and skip easily between previous and next tracks
• Music player widget

Free MP3 Music Player may use large amounts of data and carrier data charges. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted WiFi networks when available.
In compliance with API Terms of Use, we do not provide caching or downloading of tracks.

Download and enjoy unlimited music!


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