● Why is this camera application good for you? ●
1. Just click “Forced MuteMode” to mute your whole device.
2. Use when you are in a library or class for amazing quick pictures.
3. Use it to take a picture of a sleeping baby or pet.
4. No more bad quality mute apps. Now take silent pictures with your high-quality default camera app.
5. Select apps to automatically mute with the auto-launching option.
6. Use the very convenient widget function.


2017.07.25 – S8, S8+ bug fixed
2017.06.12 – cocktailbarservice bug fixed
2017.06.02 – system UI bug fixed


  • Erzwungene Stummschaltung : Standardkamera Screenshot
  • Erzwungene Stummschaltung : Standardkamera Screenshot


Forced MuteMode:Default Camera v1.1.2 / Mirror