Great functions:
– Simulate a location
– Simulate a route that never ends, a circle route, a square route…
– Simulate a route with the points that you want
– Pause and restart a mock location at any moment
– Set the time interval between your mock locations

The new version allows you adjust the refresh interval for a paused location, you can also adjust time interval between locations in order to improve the experience.

If you have any problem to recovery your current location, we recommend you restart your GPS.
If you have another problems contact us by email, we will answer you as quickly as possible

This aplication requires DEVELOPER OPTIONS enabled
We don’t keep any information from users.
This app is created for testing purposes only, users are responsible of other uses.

Thank you for downloading 🙂


What’s New

  •  The app can automatically create a straight line between two points, you can indicate the distance between the points that form the line.
  •  You can pause your mock route from status bar, from a notification
  •  New button to detect your location


  • Fake GPS GO Screenshot
  • Fake GPS GO Screenshot
  • Fake GPS GO Screenshot
  • Fake GPS GO Screenshot
  • Fake GPS GO Screenshot