Cup is the first Android PDF clipping program and it is developed by Unidocs, the developer of best-selling PDF solution – ezPDF Reader. This application is the only mobile tool to completely cutout a portion of PDF page, without loosing its PDF properties.

What can you do?
Create PDF file from an image or camera shot
Cut or slice a PDF page into smaller pieces
Cut out any shape – straight or Round
Stack them into a new or old PDF file
Paste them on a PDF page
Write and mark on the page
Create an empty PDF file
Add a blank page or delete a page
Send the clip or scrapped PDF file to other apps
Share PDF files, Cups and Beans with other Cup users within the same WiFi using Tea Time feature.

Welcome to the world of Beans and Cups!

What are Beans?
In our app, Beans are referring to cutout pieces of PDF page. You may open up any standard PDF file and use our special tool to draw straight lines or freehand shape to make a cutout area. Once the area is highlighted, you may drag it to the bottom area (Bean Area). Each of these pieces is still a text searchable PDF file and that is called a bean. You can create as many as of beans from the PDF files. You can also create beans by taking a photo or select an image from Gallery. Are you full of beans?

What are Cups?
Cups are collections of PDF file with stacked and/or pasted beans (cutout PDF pieces). A new empty cup can be created from the Beans and Cups screen. You may drag the bean to the list of Cups to append the bean to the end of selected PDF. You may also open up a cup at the bottom, and then drag the beans to that page to paste them and edit.

What is a Tea Time?
Tea time utilizes a new sharing feature to communicate among devices. We use this feature to stream PDF file from one device to another device. Use our tool to bring Beans and Cups from other devices. The PDF files stored in other device can be streamed on your device. From there you can create your own beans. It is a total fun sharing moment. Spill the beans~~

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Important: When you select the PDF file from the list, please do not try to open a DRM protected PDF files. Even thought those files are PDF, they are not meant to be opened from this program. It requires its own viewer program to open.


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