Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+ v3.4.11 Patched [Latest]


Enhanced SMS & Caller ID (eCID) is the leading voice notification and alerting app on Android for alerting you of incoming calls, incoming SMS / MMS messages, new K9 / Kaiten messages, new AquaMail messages, new [email protected] messages, new Gmail messages, Gtalk / Hangout chats, event reminders from your Google Calendar and just about anything else that shows you a status bar notification.
***Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied, we will issue a refund (just send us your order number within 7 days of purchasing!)****.
Whether you are in your car, working or at home, we will read out messages and notifications as they arrive. Keep your hands free and reply to SMS messages with your voice.

eCID is highly customizable and ready for anything. eCID works with wired and wireless* headsets. As well, eCID works well with most in-car Bluetooth systems. Caller ID over Bluetooth is *NOT* supported.

eCID does talking caller id, talking text messages, talking calendars, talking hangouts and so much more. eCID can also enable you to send hands-free reply of emails and text messages.

* Wireless Bluetooth devices must be able to stream media. Not sure if this includes your device? Just send us an email and we can tell you.

What’s New

  • Notes: v3.4.7 contains translation updates (and additions).
  • Changes: http://www.enhancedsmscallerid.com/home/changes
  • Contact me with any problems that you may have so we can try to fix them quickly!
  • Check us out on Facebook for more up-to-date status updates @ www.facebook.com/enhancedsmscallerid
  • Want to try beta versions before they are released to the general public? Become a beta tester! http://www.enhancedsmscallerid.com/home/faq/tester for more info.


  • Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+ Screenshot
  • Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+ Screenshot

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