A simple app to EMAIL and PRINT all your text SMS messages or a thread of messages.
can also be used to upload your text SMS messages to Evernote, Dropbox and other services.
This app will load all your text messages or a specific thread into an email. You can then choose to send this email to yourself or someone else. It is very simple to use and the email of your texts can be printed.
Using this app is a great way to save off texts or create a copy in case you need them for a legal proceeding. Many people need their texts for court cases. And after they are emailed to you, you can print them out and present them in court. Or use this to get a copy of the texts from someone that is harassing or threatening you.
This does not support Multi-Media Messaging ( known as MMS ) example : picture messages, so please do not complain that all your MMS messages are not showing up.
If you have a problem, feel free to contact georgehammerle@gmail.com because we cannot reply to comments left.
Uses :
* Print your Text Messages
* Email your Texts Messages
* Creating a hard copy of your texts
* Work Related Threads
* Save a copy of conversation with customers
* Forward the email
* Email your Conversation
* Print your Conversation
* Send your texts
* Backup your texts
* Print your SMS
* Print my text messages
* Print my SMS
* Backup my texts
* Email Texts
* Backup SMS
* Upload and Save Texts to Dropbox ( requires FREE Dropbox App )
* Save your texts / SMS to Evernote ( requires FREE Evernote App )
Great For :
* Legal Proceedings
* Harassment Cases
* Divorce Case
* Custody Hearings
* Any Court Cases
* Saving any SMS texts
* Back up / print work related threads

Some apps require you to enter your email address and password. That is a security risk. Do not give out your password to anyone! This app does NOT require you to enter your email address and password, so your privacy is maintained.
This App needs the following permissions to work:
android.permission.READ_SMS – Needed to read SMS messages
android.permission.READ_CONTACTS – To display the contact names

What’s in this version:

  • EMAIL / PRINT and SAVE all your text messages or a thread of messages.
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee
  •  Better Group Support
  •  Filter by Date Range, Specific Date, Start and End Date and Last Number of Days
  •  Filter by Thread
  •  Added text from MMS messages (on most phones).


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Download Links

Email My Texts SMS v5.3 APK / Alternative Link