EchoAccess provides remote control and configuration of ETC Unison Echo® lighting-control systems from any Android device.
Once connected, you are able to set lighting levels, combine spaces, and control zones directly, as well as record, activate and deactivate presets for connected Echo stations and sensors. For added security, you can assign varying levels of system access and functionality with multiple system passwords.

Please note: In addition to downloading the EchoAccess mobile app, you must have at least one EchoAccess interface or Echo Expansion Bridge within your Echo control system for complete remote configuration and control.

The EchoAccess™ version 2.1.233 release adds configuration capability for the new ETC Echo Dual Tech Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors and Echo Contact Interfaces. It also provides additional bug fixes and optimizations to the app. For more information please visit


  • EchoAccess Screenshot
  • EchoAccess Screenshot

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   EchoAccess v2.1.0 APK / Alternative Link