Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

Dynasty Warriors An epic new adventure packed with the Musou action you know and love!

Defeat multiple enemies with exciting special abilities
– Devastate enemies with your powerful Musou Rage
Collect and enhance over 80 officers from the Dynasty Warriors series!
– The legendary officers of Dynasty Warriors 8 return on mobile
– Each officer comes with unique skills and abilities
– Create powerful officer teams to conquer every mode

Cinematic cutscenes tell an emotional story!
– Relive historic battles, including the fight at Changban Bridge and the Battle of Guandu

Dynasty Warriors comes to mobile with a variety of game modes!
– Skirmish: Battle in real time with up to four players
– Boss Fight: Jump in and raid the boss with your friends
– Raid: Steal fragments from your opponent
– War Supply: Occupy mines and acquire resources
– Conquest: Compete with other players to take control of the map

1. Enemies No Defense
2. High Defense
3. High HP
4. Anticheat Bypassed

All PvE + PvP!

Important: Equip items with the stats “HP” & “DEF” to enable mod features!

Info: On some devices it’s crashing on start, just keep clicking on screen while game starts, don’t know why but it works. After I changed the resolution to full-hd ingame I didn’t had this error anymore.


  • Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Screenshot
  • Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Screenshot


Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed v1.0.16.3 MOD APK / Mirror

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed v1.0.14.5 MOD APK / Mirror