DroidLock: Dynamic Lockscreen Premium v1.0.2b [Latest]

DroidLock is a security application that sets your lockscreen PIN code to the current time/date/battery resulting in an ever changing PIN that can not be shoulder surfed.

1.Time Pin
► 12H Time: If the time is 01:23, your PIN will be 0123
► 24H Time: If the time is 01:23, your PIN will be 1323
► Offset Minutes to add or subtract to the current time: Offset =10 and 12H: If the time is 01:23, your PIN will be 0133
► Custom Offset Minutes Value

2. Date Pin
► International Format (DD/MM): PIN will be 0405 (May 4, 2016)
► USA Format (MM/DD): PIN will be 0504 (May 4, 2016)
► 2 Digit Year (DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY): PIN will be 040516 (International Format) (May 4, 2016)
► 4 Digit Year (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY): PIN will be 04052016 (International Format) (May 4, 2016)

3. Battery Pin
► The current battery percentage is set as your password: Phone Battery %: 52, PIN will be 5252

4. Geek Pin (Customized Pin)
► The user can choose any of the available components and form a combination and set it as the phone password. (PIN can be a combination of battery, hours(12H), month, minutes : 52010523)
See the screenshots for examples.

The following Add-Ons to morph the PIN and to further enhance security.

► Double: Doubles the PIN. If the time is 12:34, your PIN will be 12341234
► Mirror: Mirrors the PIN. If the time is 12:34, your PIN will be 12344321
► Sum: Adds the digits of the PIN. If the time is 12:34, the PIN will be 1010 as 1+2+3+4.
► Reverse: Reverses the pin. If the time is 12:34, your PIN will be 4321

The pin then changes dynamically based on the chosen settings and options making it impossible to be predicted. Download this app to lock your phone and dance your way through piggybackers.

Permissions used by the app
◆ To start the app on device boot.
◆ For setting the screen-unlock Password:
◆ For setting latest PIN, when the user disconnects the call.
◆ For setting rescue PIN, in case the user is locked out of the device.
◆ In-App Purchase:
> com.android.vending.BILLING

What’s New
-Minor bug fixes
-Rescue Mode added.




DroidLock: Dynamic Lockscreen Premium 1.0.2b APK / mirror

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