This application is the best solution On-Off screen

For all smartphones:
+ Double Tap home screen to turn off screen.
+ Cover proximity sensor to turn on screen.

For new Samsung Smartphone as S7,S7E android Nougat
+ Double Tap power icon to turn on screen.

This application need to be enabled in Accessibility to use service of system..
It will save battery, support unlock by fingerprint and no Overlay Screen Detected on android M up.

===>NOTICE: We need admin permission to lock screen, so you cannot UNINSTALL application from home screen. Please go to app click more menu and select uninstall

If you have any problem please give us some comment, we’ll improve it.
Thank you very much!


Version 1.6.7:
+ Improve user interface.
Version 1.6.6:
+ Improve performance.
Version 1.6.5:
+ Disable all functions when having incoming call.
Version 1.6.4:
+ Minimize using RAM .
Version 1.6.3:
+ Fix FC issues.
Version 1.6.2:
+ Improve user interface.
+ Add shortcut on notification to keep service is not killed by system.


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Double Tap v1.6.8 [Pro] / Mirror