Device Emulator Pro

This is Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the various IDs in the Phone. Change means when an application access these parameters this app will replace original value with user provided value. Original values are always intact in device.

● Quick reboot option
● Import / Export configuration
● One click change of values.
● Enable/disable option as required.


  • Although this app has been tested on several devices, there are always chance something can go wrong. It is always recommended to have a backup of your ROM and other important data before trying this app.
  • For Google Email / Account emulation you must provide the package name of app for which to hide the original email.
  • For changes to take effect close all running applications also swipe / clear apps from recent list. No need to reboot.
  • Root Needed

Supported ids (Parameters):
● IMEI number.
Device ID.
● Serial
● Bluetooth Mac
● Wifi Mac
● Wifi SSID
● Mobile no.
● SIM Card Serial
● SIM Subscriber ID
● Network operator country.
● Network operator name.
● Operator MCC/MNC code.
● Google Email / Account.
● Google Advertising ID.

Steps to enable app in Xposed Framework
● Install app
● Go to xposed module
● Enable module in xposed framework
● Restart phone
● Open the app
● And you can start using it by changing settings.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Requirements: 4.0 and up, ROOT, xpsed framework


Device Emulator PRO v3.43 APK / Mirror

Device Emulator Pro v3.41 APK / Mirror