Dailydo Launcher lets you stay on top of you day, shifting your home screen focus from apps, to your daily agenda.

•  See and interact with upcoming events from your Google calendars
•  Check, manage and create Todoist tasks from your home screen
•  Manage upcoming alarms from your device
•  Missed calls show up on your home screen
•  Google Search right from your home screen
•  Scrollable Dock for your super-important apps

Pro Features:
•  See weather at event’s location on your agenda
•  Use any standard Icon Pack from the Play Store
•  Day / Night Theme
•  Wallpaper Scroll Support for Live Earth
•  Cool Flairs for keywords in events and tasks
•  Custom Agenda Height
•  Custom Dock Page Count


Many bugfixes
Previous Build:
Added basic widget support!
Arrival Estimations now available for everyone!
Fixed app search flickering search layout
Moved Google Play shortcut
Fixed Scrolling Wallpaper Bug
Clicking an existing alarm will now open the correct Alarm application


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Dailydo Launcher v1.0.82 – Build 82 [Pro] / Mirror

Older Version

Dailydo Launcher v1.0.74 – Build 74[Pro] / Mirror

Dailydo Launcher Beta v1.0.68 – Build 68[Pro] / Mirror