Circle Camera is a complete camera for most Android devices.


  • Photo optimization.
  • Real HDR, DRO & Exposure-Bracketing.
  • Take photos while recording videos.
  • Internal screen flash for photos and videos.
  • Manual exposure.
  • Manual focus.
  • Many types of autofocus can be setted.
  • ISO semi-manual.
  • Lateral menu with settings, white balance, scene and effect.
  • Print phrases, dates and locations on photos.
  • Recognition of faces.
  • Auto-stabilization.
  • Choose many grids to shot photos.
  • You can customize the volume Keys.
  • Many photos resolution.
  • Storage Access Framework.
  • Change the saving name of photos.
  • Change the saving directory with a long tap on a gallery icon.
  • Share the photo immediately and delete it after taking it.
  • Disable shutter sound.
  • Geotagging.
  • Set Timer.
  • Show angle, compass and more!


  • Starting today Circle Camera occupies 30% in less in memory.
  • Fixed bug.


  • Circle Camera Screenshot
  • Circle Camera Screenshot
  • Circle Camera Screenshot
  • Circle Camera Screenshot

Download Links

Circle Camera v2.8 [Ad Free] APK / Link1 / Link2 / Link3