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Cami Calculator Pro v1.7.5 [Latest]

Cami Calculator performs the same function as the Casio Calculator. Cami Calculator performs the same function as the Casio Calculator. Cami Calculator is easy to use, because size of button… Read more »

[root] PokeBatterySaver v1.1[Latest]

PokeBatterySave is an application for ROOT users to lower power consumption while playing Pokémon™ GO. One of the things it does is turning on Android’s Battery Saver ON when the… Read more »

Root Uninstaller Pro v8.3 (Paid Version) [Latest]

Very fast and simple uninstaller tool on single click for uninstalling both SYSTEM and REGULAR applications. For ROOT+NAND unlocked devices ☆ Uninstall system applications ☆ Freeze or disable bloatware, stock… Read more »

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro v3.3.9 Patched [Latest]

This is Digital Dashboard GPS Pro version. Features included – Save your track info,Record gpx file(it will be saved in “sdcard/DigitalDashboardGPSPro/gpx/”). – Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. –… Read more »

XHangouts Xposed v2.8.1-c076b47 [Latest]

Google Hangouts is a great messaging app for those of us who make considerable use of the Google Hangouts IM platform and SMS. XHangouts is tasked with improving the Google… Read more »

Fake GPS Pro v4.5.4 [Latest]

Set your phone location to anywhere in the world with just one click, if you need to test other apps ability to track gps information without the need to catch… Read more »

Xposed Pokemon v1.6 (Xda-Release) [Latest]

Xposed Pokemon module allows you to catch all the pokemons without going anywhere. The module allows you to fake location and allows you to go anywhere you want. The module… Read more »

Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro v1.3 [Latest]

Q Anti theft Alarm Pro is designed to prevent your mobile from theft attempts. FEATURES: * SMS alerts * Charger Unplug alert * Automatic SIM Change Identification * Numeric PIN… Read more »

Fake GPS Controller Pro v1.5 [Latest]

This app is intended to aid in testing & development of GPS related apps, but can also be useful in a variety of other situations. For example, if your GPS… Read more »

LayerPaint HD v1.6.4 [Latest]

Designed for Tablets (7 inch and over) [Implemented] – Pen Pressure Support (Enable from settings) – Open/Save (MDP Format / It opens by FireAlpaca) – PSD Import/Export – Foreground color… Read more »

Battery GO v1.2.1 Cracked [Latest]

Pokemon GO does not run when the screen is off which means that the screen must be on and unlocked to be able to catch Pokemon or detect steps for… Read more »

iShredder™ 4 Professional v4.0.5 [Latest]

ProtectStar™ iShredder™ surpasses international standards used by state and military organisations in secure file deletion with a wide selection of tried-and-trusted state-of-the-art deletion algorithms. Each algorithm has been analysed by… Read more »

Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.11.4 [Latest]

If you forget to mute your phone and calls rings or notifications chime during important meetings or wakes you up at night, then this Do Not Disturb app (DND) is… Read more »

Battery GO for Pokemon GO v2.1 [Latest]

Pokemon GO is running while your screen is on and unlocked. It needed for detect steps for hatching eggs. This app allows you to lock and black out screen without… Read more »