Call Utils Pro v2.0.3 [Latest]

Pro Features:
Set as many notes as you like.
No character limit for notes.
No Ads.

Call Utils Pro is a utility app, serving to give you a hand in multiple phone call related operations.


• Floating call notes that can be re-sized, moved, closed, or even minimized
• Message the note while on the call.
• Add a note while on the call.
• Activate ‘reject calls’ to reject calls automatically before the ring
• Option to send an automated custom message to rejected caller.
• Option to open up the WhatsApp chatbox of rejected caller.
• Set exceptions to receive calls only from them.
• Call blacklist (Call blocker – incoming calls from blacklist callers are blocked).
• Call Recorder – Record incoming and outgoing calls in 5 different formats.

This app uses all the permissions required to :

• Send an SMS – required to send an automated message after call is rejected
• Read contacts, to help you add them to the blacklist or the exception list
• Record calls, and write to the storage.
• To access internet, and check the state of connection – for verifying the License.


What’s the difference between Call Reject and blacklist in this app?

• Blacklist is a feature to block someone for the long term, while Call Reject is akin to ‘do not disturb’. Call reject allows you to receive calls from either just the contacts, or just the exceptions (aka – whitelist), depending on your choice of selection.


Version 2.0.0
The application has been re-written from the ground up. Every feature has significantly been improved functionally, and in terms of user experience. Call Utils can now also automatically record calls (optionally).
Due to a complete re-write and re-structuring of the database, this version may lead to the loss of data from the previous version. The audio recordings from the previous version can be found in the folder ‘CallUtilsAudio’, using any decent file manager.


  • Call Utils Pro - Call Notes, Blocker, and Recorder Screenshot
  • Call Utils Pro - Call Notes, Blocker, and Recorder Screenshot


Call Utils Pro v2.0.3 / Mirror

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