If you want to keep some secret which you talked/heard over phone then “Automatic Call Recorder Pro – Record, Hide, Upload” will help you.

Automatic Recording : Application records all call in background but you have option whether you want to record “All Calls” , Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls or you want simply choose whether you want to record run time while ongoing call.
Recording Format : You have options to choose recording format of recording from MPEG_4, AMR, 3GP.
App Lock : If you want to keep your all recording in app and no one can discover then enable app lock. So all your recording will be in app only and no one can listen.
Copy To SD : All Recording in App Storage only for security purpose but you can copy any recording to SD card.
Upload to Google Drive : : You can upload your recording in your Google Drive. All Recording will get stored in “CallRecorder Pro” folder.
Automatic Upload to Google Drive : If you enable automatic upload then application will upload all records to Google Drive at mid night 2 am.
Recycle Bin : All you recording will be send to recycle bin after deleting. For that, You need to enable Recycle Bin option.
Separate Folder Setting : If you want to copy all your recording to SD card then you have choice to create separate folder for each contact.

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What’s New
Resolve Google Signing issue
resolve some crashes.


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