Busy? Class, watching a movie, in a school, sport, fitness, sleeping, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed – instantly auto reply to incoming calls and text messages without having to touch your phone.

Don’t let these damned “beeps and rings” bug you in the middle of..Turn on Busy Status. When it’s turned on, all texts and calls are silenced and auto replied. Make sure that your family always know where you are without you even having to lift a finger when they contact you. “Must have’ for Safe Meditation Practices as well -))
Must-have smart and simple auto responder app for: businessmen, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, drivers, chefs and much more

Just turn Busy SMS Text Messaging on when you are busy and it will silently run in the background and auto reply to any incoming calls and SMS messages
✔ Set different busy time ranges – profiles
✔ Each busy profile have its own settings (vibrate , totally silentmode etc)
✔ Option to set busy time, week days, repeat weekly etc
✔ Customize a reply message: “I’m busy, will call you later” or ”busy, call me in 2 hours”
✔ Manual status –instantly turn profile on/off manually
✔ One touch silent mode switcher – widget
✔ Emergency list – people whose calls you will receive any wayregardless of the busy time.
✔ Personalized list – people whom you want to auto reply withpersonalized message
✔ Don’t Auto Reply list – a list of people whose sms / calls, youwon’t reply to
✔ Auto reply to calls and sms only of your contacts
✔ Auto reply to calls and sms only of non-contacts
✔ Text auto response to calls only
✔ Text auto reply to sms messages only
✔ Set ringer mode to silent during busy mode
✔ Set vibrate mode to silent during busy mode
✔ Send only one sms response to the same contact during busymode
✔ Set alarm clock with a single touch for the end of thestatus
✔ MMS message – record personalized voice or even video message orattach images to your text (or bundle them all together) and autoreply to all your missed calls and incoming SMS.
✔ Archive of sent text messages
✔ Info widget


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Busy SMS Text Messaging PRO v6.0.0 / Mirror