Best Music player helps viewing lyrics for the current playing song.

Great tool for learning a second language through music listening.

This is a music lyrics player and lyrics editor (lrc player and lrc editor). If lyrics not available, they can be downloaded and even EDITED for synchronizing timing.

Shows the lyrics inside the application or as a floating component when the application loses focus.

If lyrics not found locally, it searches and download them. If downloaded lyrics are not timed, they can be easily timed inside the app.

With Best Music Player you can:
1. Navigate your local music collection, categorized by artist, album, genre and playlists.
1. View lyrics and navigate between different lyric files stored inside your phone(if more than one lyrics available for any song, for example, english lyric, translation to spanish, french, etc)
2. Download lyrics from internet
3. Copy lyric content to clipboard
4. Paste lyric from clipboart
5. Delete lyrics

When editing a lyric file you can:
1. Edit the current line text
2. Delete a line
3. Clear times
4. Sync time backward and forward.
5. Set the first line time and last line time.
6. Set the time for the current playing line

What’s New:

Bugs fixes


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Best Music Player (Ads Free) v2.3 [Paid] / Mirror